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20 November 2011 @ 07:39 pm
My Dear Yuletide Writer letter  
You've picked one of my fandoms and that says a lot about you (and me, too, I suppose).

I'm rather easy to please although I do have a few 'no-nos' that will send me running - fast - and if you've ever seen me run, it's not a pretty sight.

I tend to cringe at gratuitous graphic sex, although a well written bit of smut, and especially something sensuous, is always appreciated.

Inconsistencies within a piece make my head spin. If character A likes chocolate ice cream in scene one, then vanilla shouldn't suddenly become their favorite later on. I don't mean that characters have to be entirely true to canon, because sometimes that's up to interpretation.

I frown at unusual cruelty towards even the evilest of characters, and, although I love humor, slapstick makes me squirm.

And speaking of humor, fluff is also good and so is clever banter. But I can deal with angst as well as hurt/comfort. Kids in stories can be cute or heartwarming, but overly precocious ones not so much (even though I've been guilty of including those myself).

Otherwise, feel free to express yourself and how you see the story going. These are the ones I chose:

Belgariad/Mallorean series by David Eddings

I love fantasy stories, especially quests with all sorts of dangers along the way. My last few NaNo novels have been fantasies, although with less magic than in these books. Surprisingly, many of the main characters in this series were not options to pick, but I don't really care which ones you use, or even what pairings, if any. Just as long as the MCs achieve their goal and save the world from destruction. That's all I ask.


Bell, Book and Candle

One of my all time favorite movies, and also a magical fantasy in its own right. I'd like to see Nicky getting into trouble and his sister and Shep getting him out of it, with help from that wonderful cat, Pyewacket.


Twin Peaks

I guess we found out who killed Laura Palmer, but maybe you can explain the ending of this weird and wonderful TV show. Preferably I'd like to find out what happens next to the characters, all of them, not just the ones I selected. I guess I was a Dale/Audrey shipper for a while, but I'm not sure that will fly. But we've gotta have coffee, cherry pie and/or donuts.



This musical has gone through multiple incarnations. I don't care which one you pick, but if you can somehow tie in the current political situation, I'd find it quite interesting. Don't worry. I don't expect you to write any more songs.