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21 October 2012 @ 01:25 pm
My dear Yuletide letter for 2012 is

I'll just copy and paste the first part of my Yuletide letter from last year, because my wishes haven't changed, even though I've requested different fandoms.

You've picked one of my fandoms and that says a lot about you (and me, too, I suppose).

I'm rather easy to please although I do have a few 'no-nos' that will send me running - fast - and if you've ever seen me run, it's not a pretty sight.

I tend to cringe at gratuitous graphic sex, although a well written bit of smut, and especially something sensuous, is always appreciated.

Inconsistencies within a piece make my head spin. If character A likes chocolate ice cream in scene one, then vanilla shouldn't suddenly become their favorite later on. I don't mean that characters have to be entirely true to canon, because sometimes that's up to interpretation.

I frown at unusual cruelty towards even the evilest of characters, and, although I love humor, slapstick makes me squirm.

And speaking of humor, fluff is also good and so is clever banter. But I can deal with angst as well as hurt/comfort. Kids in stories can be cute or heartwarming, but overly precocious ones not so much (even though I've been guilty of including those myself).

Otherwise, feel free to express yourself and how you see the story going. These are the ones I chose:

Independence Day


I love adventure movies, especially ones with feel good moments like this one. The wedding scene, and especially the ending always make me smile. I'd like a story about what happens next, especially to David and Steven. What part do each of them play in the aftermath?

In Death


Last year I wrote a story myself in this fandom. I love all of the characters, but especially Eve and Rourke. The ongoing interactions between Eve and Summerset sometimes provide humor, and other times conflict, but are always interesting. I'd love a story centered around these three characters and their relationships. It would be awesome if you include some near-future technology.

Jonathan Creek


Unfortunately, not enough people in the US have seen these delightful mysteries. I love the premise, I love Jonathan's home, I loved Maddie and missed her when she left the show. Perhaps you can write a missing story about Jonathan and Maddie.

Falling Skies


This show could have been better this last season, but I like the Mason family and the way the characters have changed after the ordeal they're going through. I'd like to see what you think might happen in another season of the show, how the humans can defeat the aliens, and where the harness kids fit in.

Evil Plotbunny: hippohhertzof on October 22nd, 2012 02:26 pm (UTC)
You might want to link your letter on the Dear Yuletide Writer post.

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hilandmumhilandmum on October 22nd, 2012 02:37 pm (UTC)
Will do!