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22 June 2015 @ 07:52 pm
Fic Corner request letter  

2015 Dear Fic Corner letter

I'll start by just copying and pasting the first part of my Yuletide letter from previous years, because my wishes haven't changed, even though Fic Corner focuses on different fandoms.

You've picked one or more of my fandoms and that says a lot about you (and me, too, I suppose).

I'm rather easy to please although I do have a few 'no-nos' that will send me running - fast - and if you've ever seen me run, it's not a pretty sight.

I tend to cringe at gratuitous sex, although I do like a little romance in my life.

Inconsistencies within a piece make my head spin. If character A likes chocolate ice cream in scene one, then vanilla shouldn't suddenly become their favorite later on. I don't mean that characters have to be entirely true to canon, because sometimes that's up to interpretation.

I frown at unusual cruelty towards even the evilest of characters, and I don't (usually) kill off characters, but sometimes a death is needed for the story to progress. Although I love humor, slapstick makes me squirm.

And speaking of humor, fluff is also good and so is clever banter. But I can deal with angst as well as hurt/comfort. Kids in stories can be cute or heartwarming, but overly precocious ones not so much (even though I've been guilty of including those myself).

Otherwise, feel free to express yourself and how you see the story going. These are the ones I chose this year:

Hunger Games trilogy: I think it would be fun if Katniss and Peeta teach Haymitch a lesson. This can take place during or after the trilogy.

Divergent series: Here I'd like a prequel. What led up to the formation of the factions? Some of this is alluded to in the books, but what's your take?

Green Glass Sea: Honestly, I'd like anything based on these stories. Telling the story about Los Alamos and Alamagordo from the viewpoint of a kid gives it a new twist.